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Orthodontic Clinic of Corinth

A radiant smile and have fun at every meeting, your whole life long. But also good dental care is very important for your health. With straight teeth and a healthy, well-groomed appearance. Sometimes there is a need for a (small) correction. The orthodontist is a dentist specializing in orthodontics (teeth).

Maybe you do now been taken, but it could also be that your teeth will be harmed in the future. Usually see the dentist at the biennial audit that something is not going well in the dental development. At the end of primary school or early secondary education at the treatment can be performed orthodontic most children.

For practical information and advice on oral hygiene, handling brackets, possible risks during the treatment, insurance and bills, please contact Orthodontic Clinic of Corinth.

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Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Our Practice

Orthodontic Clinic of Corinth

Your needs are our priority. We are committed to providing friendly, personalized service that says that we take good care of you. We promise to use the best and latest technology to provide you with the best in orthodontic care and we want you will be amazed with your beautiful smile. We strive for perfection and it shows in everything we do.

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We strive to be the best and give you the smile you deserve! Each team member has received training from leading consultants in our field. Our attention to every patient equal to our outstanding service and skills.

Flexible Appointments

We believe in the importance of teaching your child, and schedule appointments around school hours. We have convenient after-school appointment times available, as are weekend appointments.

Flexible Financing

We provide quality braces that are affordable. Dr. Ilias N. Andreopoulos offers flexible payment options that fit into your budget, and its cost is less than some other leading orthodontic practices.

We Treat the Whole Family

From teenagers to adults, we will help you find the right braces for each of you

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