Care & Maintenance

How to Brush with Braces

Which toothbrush: Use a toothbrush with a straight stem and with a small brush. The bristles must be of nylon and especially not too hard. Soft or medium is fine. The brush should have a smooth surface: no profile.

1. Start with the teeth in the upper jaw. Press and hold the brush at an angle of approximately 45 °. Place the brush at the top of the wires and brackets, on the edge of gum and tooth. Make over a time of 10 short movements back and forth, so that the hairs of the brush remain substantially in the same place. then slide the brush on to a connecting place and make the same short movements again. Make sure your gums are brushed as well
2. Place the brush from above the wires and brackets, but now so that precisely between the brackets will be cleaned. Make the same brush strokes as before.
3. Place the brush under the wires and brackets so that from the cutting edge and the chewing surface of the teeth is cleaned between the locks. the same movements with the brush as this create again. Make the teeth in the lower jaw clean the same way as you did in the upper jaw (1, 2, 3)
4. Brush to place the inside of your teeth and also choose the upper and lower jaw through here the brush at an angle and make the short movements. Make sure now that your gums are brushed as well.
5. Brush the chewing surfaces of your choosing in the upper and lower jaw through the brush right to establish and make larger or scrub.
6. Use a ragertje to clean the edges of the brackets in detail, and in order to properly brushing the gums between the teeth.
7. Finally, look carefully in the mirror or any food removed and you clasps and straps are clean and shiny.