Financial Arrangements

Various Non missed appointments or timely changed events (at least 24 hours in advance) be charged!

Explanation of charges

Accordance with the applicable tariff decision an orthodontic treatment with the following charges:

  • Research costs prior to treatment
  • Costs for the installed equipment at the start of treatment
  • Handling, every month in which the patient comes for control

These monthly treatment, a kind of subscription rate, are fixed amounts that can not be determined or influenced by the length of the consultations, the treatment carried out or the materials used, but only depend on the type of equipment that is used in the treatment and the total duration of treatment.

There are three groups:

  • removable appliances
  • partially fixed equipment (fixed equipment in one jaw)
  • fully fixed equipment (fixed appliances in both upper and lower jaw)

Apart from the type of equipment that is used during the treatment are the total costs mainly on the duration of the therapy ex: a treatment of, e.g. 16 months costs apart from the costs at the start of the treatment 16 times the monthly installment, a treatment. 20 months so 20 times.
The duration of orthodontic treatment depends on many factors such as growth and development of the face, dental development and the cooperation of the patient and therefore can not be predicted with certainty. On average, for a normal active treatment period need of treatment from about 2 years, followed by a retention period of ± 1 year in order to stabilize the teeth and surrounding structures in the new position.
As a rule, your health insurance will reimburse the treatment costs to a large extent, especially in people under 18 years. However, it is wise to inquire how this fee is settled, because most insurers only give a partial refund and / or bind to a maximum determined by the insurer. You can thereby require the costs that you get by us prior to treatment sent.
The treatment included both treatment and equipment for the total treatment including the retention period. Not included are the costs that can occur due to loss or sloppy handling equipment as well as the cost of additional diagnostics (x-rays, etc.). Finally, do not include any costs incurred in the course of orthodontic treatment by a dental surgeon or your own dentist.


The position of the teeth will change after the active treatment is lifelong. We can therefore offer no guarantee on the end result. However, when there is deficiencies in the loaded retention device and if changes are not due to negligence and carelessness of the patient, we guarantee an eventual retreatment when problems arise within two years after active treatment.